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29th Jun 2022

EconRoots Talk – Mike Munger: The legacy of Laureate Douglas North and the importance of institutions

Welcome to EconRoots. A podcast on the history of Economic Thought brought to you by CEPOS and your host Stefan Sløk-Madsen. As a bonus to our regular seasons we aim to bring you exciting interviews with relevant and stimulating economists and scholars within or related to the field of economics. We call these, EconRoots talk. 

In today’s talk recorded at the APEE conference 2022 in Las Vegas, we are honored to be joined by Michael C. Munger, Professor of Political Science, and Director of the PPE Certificate Program at Duke University. Professor Munger has made tremendous research contributions within the functioning of markets, regulation, and government institutions. He has taught at Dartmouth College, University of Texas, and University of North Carolina, as well as working as a staff economist at the Federal Trade Commission during the Reagan Administration. He is a past President of the Public Choice Society, an international academic society of political scientists and economists with members in 16 countries. He was North American Editor of the journal Public Choice for five years, and is now a Co-Editor of The Independent Review. Dr. Munger has had a profound influence on many young economists today. However today we are here to talk about this Phd supervisor and nobel prize recipient, Douglas C North and the importance of institutions and how they change.



Hinich, M. J., & Munger, M. C. (1996). Ideology and the theory of political choice. University of Michigan Press.

Munger, M. C. (2020). Ideology and the Direction of Causation in the Acquisition and Maintenance of Shared Belief Systems. Kyklos73(3), 392-409.

North, D. C. (1994). Economic performance through time. The American economic review84(3), 359-368.

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